Avian metapneumovirus in the USA

Current incidence in the U.S.A

At the present time, there are no reports of aMPV-C outbreaks in commercial turkeys in the USA. However, serologic surveillance shows an occasional positive for aMPV-C antibody in turkey breeders in Minnesota and the neighboring states. To date, aMPV has not been identified in commercial turkey farms outside the Midwestern region of the USA. It seems that the disease caused by aMPV-C in the USA is under control. However, a recent report described an aMPV-C isolated from wild birds that is pathogenic for domestic turkeys and can cause typical aMPV-C disease in experimentally infected turkeys, indicating that the risk of aMPV-C disease to the USA poultry industry still exists.

This information is supplied by Dr. Qingzhong Yu.


Minnesota is the major reservoir of aMPV in the USA.