The Avian Metapneumovirus

  • Highly pleomorphic (spherical to filamentous) but mostly rounded, single stranded, negative sense, non segmented, RNA-virus. Spherical particles are approximately 100-500nm in diameter; filamentous forms are usually approximately 100nm in width. Particles are enveloped, with tightly packed projections on the surface.
  • Genus: Metapneumovirus
  • Family: Paramyxoviridae
  • Subfamily: Pneumovirinae
  • Rather fragile virus
  • Able to withstand pH ranges of pH 3 – 9 depending on the strain, temperature and time of exposure
  • Inactivated after 30 minutes at 56°C
  • Sensitive to most common disinfectants
  • Infectivity of the virus is easily lost under adverse conditions. This should be kept in mind when handling live vaccines.
Electron micrograph of an
Avian Metapneumovirus particle