Nobilis RTV 8544 – Description and vaccination schedule

Nobilis RTV 8544 is a live freeze dried vaccine for protection  against Swollen Head Syndrome involving Avian Metapneumovirus infections in chickens. Each dose contains at least 3.0 log10 TCID50 of aMPV virus strain BUT 1#8544.


Active immunisation of chickens against Swollen Head Syndrome involving Avian Metapneumovirus infections.


The vaccine should be administered by coarse spray or eye drop. An interval of 14 days should be left between the use of Nobilis RTV8544 and other live viral vaccines with predilection for the respiratory tract in order to avoid interference problems.


Nobilis RTV 8544 is available in 1000 dose presentations.

Suggested vaccination schedules

* In case of early field infections, 2 vaccinations are required, the first at day 1 of age.

nobilis rtv8544