Economic consequences of Avian Metapneumovirus infection

Production losses from avian metapneumovirus infections are seen in broilers, meat turkeys, layers and turkey breeders.

Economic losses

Meat turkeys and broilers

Meat turkeys and broilers may perform badly due to poor feed conversion and reduced weight gain. Secondary infections with bacteria, such as E. coli or O. rhinotracheale may bring about increased condemnation, especially when infection occurs in the last weeks prior to slaughter.

Layers and (turkey) breeders

When infections occur during lay, economic losses are mainly caused by drops in production and the poor quality of the eggs. Production may not return to pre-infection levels. In breeders the hatchability rate may be negatively affected.

Effect of Avian Metapneumovirus on egg production in turkey breeders

weekly egg production

Weekly production of 2 separate flocks (Flock A and Flock B) after infection with aMPV at 32 weeks of age

day old chickens